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A Problem Well-Stated Is a Problem Half-Solved
Posted Dec 29, 2020

Formal education trains people to be efficient, learning routines so that the tasks become hardwired. For example, once people learn to read, they automatically attempt to read when faced with text. The message may be indecipherable if written in an unfamiliar language, but in mo...

Rewiring the Brain After Injury — What a Simple Drawing Says
Posted: Sep 29, 2020

2020 has been a challenging year, to say the least. We have all had to make changes, in some cases significant changes, in the way we do things. Many of us have left our offices to work at home. Our children are also schooling fro...

Why Do Smart People Do Dumb Things? Personality Plays a Role
Posted: Jul 15, 2020

Part 1 explored why smart people do highly questionable things. Part 2 delves deeper into how personality affects decision making.
As noted in Part 1, for some people, modifying a goal is the equivalent of admitting failure. And they will never admit failure. On...

Repairing and Rewiring the Brain
Posted: Jun 11, 2020

Perhaps the most rewarding part of my work is helping post-traumatic brain injury clients to regain astery of skills they thought were lost forever. Many of you may be familiar with this aspect of my work from Clark Elliott’s book, The Ghost in My Brain, about his nearly decade-long journey to recover from a concussion...

How to Make an Important Decision
Posted: Mar 09, 2020

In our increasingly complicated world, we have so much information that we must wade through to make a decision. Today, we wouldn’t think of making a major purchase such as a car without looking online to see the price ranges in our area, and how much the various options cost. ...

It’s Just Too Much
Posted: Mar 02, 2020

Today we have far more information than we have ever had. We used to have a handful of TV channels, now we have hundreds, not counting streaming services, and Facebook, etc. We used to have a daily paper (sometimes morning and evening editions), now we have the 24-hou...

Why Doesn’t Anyone Understand What I Want?
Posted: Feb 09, 2020

“I ask my kids/spouse/employees to do something and invariably, they always get it wrong and I have to end up doing it myself!”
We’ve all heard people say this, and probably have said this ourselves, but is it really the other ...

Why Can’t We See Eye-to-Eye?
Posted: Jan 20, 2020

I hear it all the time: "My wife (brother, co-worker, etc.) just doesn’t get what I’m saying." Today's polarized political climate has exacerbated the issue.
There are a number of ways to effectively address these communication issues, therapy, role-pl...