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Aging Brain Boost

Aging Brain Boost is designed to develop and enhance working-memory. Working-memory is the voice in your head that allows you to manipulate and remember new information.

All memory lapses associated with aging involve working memory. Whether you forget a name, lose a train of thought, forget important appointments or social events, strengthening the voice in your head can help alleviate these memory lapses.

Our goal is to habituate the voice in your head so that it constantly takes in new information and use it effectively.

To encourage game play the individual is given the opportunity to select the decade with which they best identify. The icons and the music are tailored to the 50s, 60s, 70s and 80s. Positive long term memories are associated with the music and the graphics. This encourages play as the game becomes more challenging. You can always explore and play in different decades!

With repeated usage, Aging Brain Boost helps you:

* Reduce impulsivity

* Increase concentration

* Strengthen Memory