Puzzles with a Purpose

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Paper and Pencil Brain Games

Visual Imagery Exercises

These Visual Imagery exercises give you practice in selecting relevant information. Of course, in real life what is relevant to one person may be completely irrelevant to another. These puzzles teach you the process of distinguishing relevant information from information that is useless at the moment.


Why These Exercises Are Worth the Effort

  • These puzzles give people practice in a wide variety of thinking skills, including the following:
  • Selecting relevant information amid chaos
  • Projecting the desired result, which minimizes ambiguity
  • Planning behavior and confirming inferences before taking action
  • Verifying results
  • Changing strategies as needed to attain desired results

Visual Imagery Sample
Visual Imagery Warm-Up
Beginner Visual Imagery
Intermediate 1 Visual Imagery
Intermediate 2 Visual Imagery

K-3 Learning How to Learn Lesson Exercise Plans - Great for homeschooling!

Teaching Experience
Since 1983, Donalee Markus and her Designs for Strong Minds™ associates have been maximizing intelligence for individuals and corporations throughout the World. An innovative program of exercises, Designs for Strong Minds™, uses game-like, context-free exercises to filter out emotional influences, which allows the participants to work solely on cognitive skills.

My Teaching Style
Designs for Strong Minds™ maximizes intelligence by making students aware of the ways in which they think. Designs for Strong Minds™ uses context-free materials and mediation to maximize intelligence and the capacity to learn. These brain exercises develop visual imagery skill. Visual imagery is the ability to create pictures in your head. Visual imagery is the foundation for abstract thinking and mathematics. With these visual imagery exercises your students will develop skills to:

  • See pictures in their head
  • Attend to details
  • Recognize how the details contribute to the whole picture...see how the pieces fit together
  • Identify relevant information necessary to complete the goal
  • Develop planning behavior
  • Suppress impulsivity

Lesson Bundles Available:

  • Comparisons
  • Connect the Dots
  • Analytical Perception - Part / Whole Relationships
  • Intermediate Analytical Perception Bundle
  • Connect the 3D Dots


Beginner Analytical Perception 1 (50 Pages)
Beginner Analytical Perception 2 (50 Pages)
Beginner Analytical Perception 3 (50 Pages)
Beginner Analytical Perception 4 (50 Pages)
Beginner Analytical Perception 5 (50 Pages)
Beginner Analytical Perception 6 (50 Pages)
Beginner Analytical Perception 7 (50 Pages)
Beginner Analytical Perception 8 (50 Pages)
Comparisons Lesson Bundle (213 Pages)
Beginner Strong Mind Puzzles 1 (60 Pages)
Beginner Strong Mind Puzzles 2 (80 Pages)
Beginner Strong Mind Puzzles 3 (40 Pages)
Connect the Dots Bundle (76 Pages)
Rocket ABCs Paper and Pencil Exercises (24 Pages)
Mediated Connect the Dots Bundle (100 Pages)


Intermediate Analytical Perception Bundle (51 Pages)
Connect the 3D Dots Bundle (143 Pages)
Intermediate Strong Mind Puzzles 1 (40 Pages)
Intermediate Strong Mind Puzzles 2 (120 Pages)


Advanced Analytical Perception 1 (50 Pages)
Advanced Analytical Perception 2 (50 Pages)
Advanced Analytical Perception 3 (40 Pages)
Spatial Orientation - Variation in Perspective 1 (50 Pages)
Spatial Orientation - Variation in Perspective 2 (50 Pages)
Spatial Orientation - Variation in Perspective 3 (44 Pages)