Strong Mind Estimator


Strong Mind Estimator presents mathematical puzzles that motivate the individual to guess based on the relationship between the whole and it’s parts. 

When someone estimates they get close to the answer or exactly the answer without doing careful calculations. They do NOT make a wild guess. 

Why Estimation?

In real life it is important to estimate to avoid getting overcharged. 

Estimating is a great brain exercise. 

Estimating saves time and helps individuals make faster, smarter decisions. 

People who see the big picture and integrate the details into the big picture are good problem solvers. 

Estimating is a high level mathematical skill. It involves mental manipulation of mathematical concepts. 

Estimating before calculation helps to identify simple or silly computational errors. 

Mental manipulation is an important skill.

Rounding numbers and estimating sums are essential and transfer to many life areas.

An estimation is an educated guess about a quantity. It is an appropriate answer. It is an intelligent prediction of a complex computation.