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  Office Policies / Procedures
  • If requested, a statement can be written for you to provide to your insurance company. Because policies vary, we cannot assume responsibility to communicate with your insurance carrier. Our insurance procedure code is 97127. This is a treatment code for "Development of Cognitive Skills to improve attention, memory and problem-solving." We cannot provide you with a diagnosis code.

• If special payment arrangements need to be made, please inquire prior to initial visit.

The content-free paper and pencil exercises are the tools I use during mediation. I have created over 10,000 exercises that are organized progressively, around different logical structures (2,400 of which specifically address the needs of the aging brain). They teach the implicit rules that contribute to complex decision-making. They are organized into categories that include:

• Figural Analogies
• Comparison/Contrast
• Relational Thinking
• Analytical Perception
• Orientation in Space
• Progressions
• Deductive Reasoning and Categories

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