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The NASA Program

Since 1998, NASA's strategic direction has changed, and to address these changes they have invested in breakthrough technology and quantum improvements in productivity. As part of this effort, NASA created a Critical Thinking Skills Project and identified only one training course, Designs for Strong Minds™, to deliver this skill to NASA employees.

NASA chose Designs for Strong Minds™ because it is the only Critical Thinking Course specifically designed on brain function for high-functioning adults. They asked Dr. Markus to design a program for them because, while other programs cover only structured and semi-structured problem solving, Designs for Strong Minds™ also includes unstructured problem solving, which teaches individuals to effectively analyze and define problems and issues.

This a screen shot of a Progressions Exercise

The NASA professional program involves advanced exercises including:

Analytical perception (part/whole relationships)
Spatial orientation
Relational thinking

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